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Green Harvest Ltd.

Green Harvest Ltd. is a regional producer of high quality soils and fertilizers, plus select imports—specializing in Wood, Willow, Metal and Artificial Turf.

Brands include: Green Harvest®, Green Harvest® Home, GroundsKeeper’s Pride® and Easy EcoGrass®.

Warehouse in Airdrie, AB:

·  Shipping GroundsKeeper’s Pride and Green Harvest fertilizers, Dog Spot Eliminator, Plant Misters and Green Harvest Home imports.

Soil production in Didsbury, AB:

·  Production of all Green Harvest and GroundsKeeper’s Pride soils, rock, zeolite, perlite & vermiculite,

·  Private Label production available, and

·  Distribution of ECCO Chips, Mountain West bark, mulch, lava nuggets and white rock and SunGro mixes and peat moss.

Green Harvest and GroundsKeeper’s Pride brands are
exclusive to Independent, Regional retail dealers.

Our Brands

Green Harvest Home Imports

Green Harvest Home Catalogue

Lawn & Garden Decor items, including wood planters & trellises, willow trellises, metal hooks & shepherd hooks, rustic bird houses

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Soils & Fertilizers

GroundsKeeper's Pride website

Organic Soils & Fertilizers for the retail Lawn & Garden market

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DIY Artificial Grass

Easy EcoGrass website

The best DIY artificial grass

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Contact us to find out about our Third Party Warehousing capabilities.

Green Harvest Ltd.

107, 18 Highland Park Way NE, Airdrie, AB T4A 0R1, Canada

Phone: (587) 775-6400, Fax: (587) 775-6420 Sales & General Inquiries: (403) 604-1140 Customer Service & Accounting: (403) 862-1013